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Beaumont Health System Clinical Nurse in Royal Oak, Michigan

div bspanUNIT DESCRIPTION/span/bspan: /spanuspanspan/span/span/u spanThe STAT Nurse, as a member of the Rapid Response Team, demonstrates advanced knowledge and clinical skills while providing care to patients requiring rapid assessment, critical care, or specialized clinical procedures. The STAT Nurse will be an expert clinical resource who works collaboratively with bedside clinical nurses and provides nurse to nurse consultation, expert clinical assessment, knowledge and skills to support the care of patients throughout the hospital:/spanspan /spanspanspan*span /span/span/spanspanProvides rapid assessment, proactive surveillance, intervention, and escalation of care for patients who are experiencing acute clinical deterioration/spanspanspan*span /span/span/spanspanCoordinates and facilitates transfer of patients to a higher level of care, as needed/spanspanspan*span /span/span/spanspanMaintains expert knowledge in the care of critical patients and specialized procedures/spanspanspan*span /span/span/spanspanMentors and promotes education and development of bedside clinical nurses/spanspan /spanbspanGENERAL SUMMARY: /span/bspan /spanspanThe clinical nurse, under the ANA scope of practice utilizes the framework of the nursing process to provide professional nursing care by incorporating patient-family centered care principles. The Clinical Nurse provides quality patient care under the direction of the Nurse Leader according to Beaumont policies and procedures. /spanspan/spanspan /spanspan /spanbspanESSENTIAL DUTIES:/span/bspan span /span/spanspan /spanspan1. /spanspanApplies the nursing process of assessment, /spanspanplanning, implementation, evaluation and discharge needs of patient/family/significant other./spanspan2. /spanspanApplies the Core Concepts of Patient- and Family-Centered Care (PFCC) spanin/spanspan /spanspanpractice and/spanspan /spanspanuses/spanspan /spanspanthis/spanspan /spanspanknowledgespan /spantospan /spanpersonalizespan /spancarespan /spanforspan /spaneachspan /spanpatient/family./span/spanspan3. /spanspanRecognizes/spanspan /spanspanthe/spanspan /spanspanimpact/spanspan /spanspanof/spanspan /spanspannursing/spanspan /spanspancare and patient/family partnerships/spanspan /spanspanon/spanspan /spanspanpatient/spanspan /spanspanoutcomes./spanspan/spanspan4. /spanspanPartners with and utilizes/spanspan /spanspanpatient/family/spanspan /spanspaninput/spanspan /spanspanand/spanspan /spanspangoals/spanspan /spanspanin/spanspan /spanspanplanning/spanspan /spanspanplan/spanspan /spanspanof/spanspan /sp