Acadia Healthcare Safety Technician (Contingent) in New Baltimore, Michigan

POSITION PURPOSE: The function of Behavioral Health Associate/Safety Tech is to assist the Nursing and Clinical Team in providing care for patients and assist in maintaining a therapeutic environment. The position is part of the First Responder Team.


  • Follows instructions given by all personnel and outlined in policies and procedures.

  • Identifies medical problems and reports to the supervising Nurse (i.e. Charge Nurse, Staff Nurse or LPN).

  • Is safety focused and communicates regularly and as needed with Nursing Staff.

  • Provides care to patients in a manner that considers safety, patients’ rights, comfort and the therapeutic environment.

  • Performs patient checks every 15 minutes, as ordered by the physician, and more often if required.

  • Assists with admission, discharge and transfer of patients in a timely manner and completes necessary documentation.

  • Sets limits in a therapeutic and consistent manner on a patient’s behavior with the assistance of the supervising Nurse (i.e. Charge Nurse, Staff Nurse or LPN) within program and age-specific guidelines.

  • Identifies verbal and non-verbal cues for potential patient escalation and utilizes de-escalation techniques.

  • Works cooperatively with interdisciplinary team members to assist in the development of treatment plans.

  • Provides individual and group intervention to meet patient needs as directed by a licensed health professional.

  • Leads or co-leads supportive groups, as determined by the supervising Nurse (i.e. Charge Nurse, Staff Nurse or LPN).

  • Supports patients in developing social, daily living and problem solving skills through individual, group or milieu contact.

  • Maintains a safe and clean milieu by cleaning rooms for new patients and general housekeeping duties.

  • Fosters a milieu that is conducive to communication and cooperation among patients, families, visitors and staff.

  • Identifies own role limitations and uses appropriate clinical resources.

  • Documents timely, accurate and appropriate clinical information in patient's medical record.

  • Assists in providing a safe, secure and comfortable environment for patients, significant others and staff.

  • First responder to all codes.

  • Circulate amongst visitors, patrons and employees to preserve order and protect property.

  • Establish and maintain interpersonal relationships – develop constructive and cooperative working relationships with others and maintaining them over time.

  • Perform general physical activities that require considerable use of your arms and legs and moving your whole body part, such as climbing, lifting, balancing, walking, stooping and handling of materials.

  • Assist and care for others by providing personal assistance, medical attention, emotional support or other personal care to others such as coworkers, customers or patients.

  • Follows established policies, procedures and standards for patient care.

  • Demonstrates competencies in providing care to adolescent and adult patients in inpatient in mental health care settings.

  • Visually observe and document patient's verbal and behavioral responses.

  • Communicate clearly and effectively to nurses, patients, families, guests and other members of the health care team.

  • Maintains patient information in confidential manner.

  • Attends hospital orientation, staff meetings and keeps all yearly mandatories up-to-date as required by HOH.

  • Perform other duties as requested by the supervising Nurse (i.e. Charge Nurse, Staff Nurse or LPN) in a willing manner.


  • Associate’s Degree or Bachelor Degree Required

  • Previous (1) year of experience a psychiatric setting (preferred)

  • CPI training required

  • Ability to work independently and without constant direction

  • Ability to work within a team environment

  • Be able to maintain a professional appearance and attitude when dealing with clients and coworkers