Schoolcraft College Skilled Maintenance - HVAC in Livonia, Michigan

Job Summary: Works independently with little or no supervision with responsibility for planning and scheduling of work. Performs skilled work in each of the skilled maintenance fields but specializes in span class="caps"HVAC/span (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning). Minimum Qualifications: 1. High School Diploma.2. Valid Michigan Drivers License and College approved driving record.3. Has a minimum of 5 years experience and has acquired sufficient training and experience in the span class="caps"HVAC/span field to perform the class of work routinely required in this area at the journeyman level.4. Michigan Mechanical Contractors License and/or City of Detroit Boiler/Refrigeration Licenses or similar.5. Must be willing to work overtime as needed.6. Ability to supervise others.7. Proven record of dependability and reliability.