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Volunteers of America - National Services Pharmacy Technician in Lansing, Michigan

PRIMARY RELATIONSHIPS:Medication Department Manager, participants, family members and other staff members.OBJECTIVE:The primary purposes of the Medication Department Technician are to maintain our pharmacy database with up-to-date and accurate information. Responsibilities include ordering, receiving, storage, distribution and discontinuation of participant's medications and maintaining all required documentation for medication and treatment administration.ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:Primary Job Responsibility:Under the supervision of the Medication Department Manager and direction of Medication Department Coordinator, responsible for daily operations of the Senior CommUnity Care Medication Department.Front-End Medication Department Operations:* Order Processing: Responsible for processing of all medication orders for all participants through direct input (75%) or processing of medication orders inputted by staff provider (25%) with respect to providing full, complete, and legal prescriptions to dispensing pharmacy as defined by pharmacy protocol and state/federal regulation.* Cycle-System: Responsible for coordination with pharmacy and relevant Senior CommUnity Care departments to maintain participant medication schedules (maintenance of cycle system) through implementation of new medication orders, mid-cycle medication changes, discontinuations, and reconciliations through transition process as prescribed by policy.* Reconciliation/Transitions: Responsible for medication reconciliation through transition periods (LTC/Hospital/ALF discharge) for all participants and facilitating any changes required.* Communication With Providers: Responsible for communication with both PACE and community-based providers in regard to medication orders, clarifications, and pharmacy recommendations. Also responsible for communication between pharmacy and prescriber.* IDT/Utilization: Responsible for attendance and participation in IDT.* Community Pharmacy Network (CPN): Responsible for coordinating with local pharmacies to obtain urgent medications that are not available through on-site dispensing. Coordination involves transmission of medication order, demographics, and insurance billing information.* On-Site Medication Dispensing (ATM): Responsible for inventory and maintenance of on-site medication stock as provided through pharmacy. Also responsible for equipment and computer maintenance and reporting functions.* Signed Medication Scripts: Responsible for obtaining signed prescriptions for required controlled substances and delivery of those signed prescriptions to the dispensing pharmacy.* Enrollment/Disenrollment: Responsible for entering all medication orders for new enrollments, setting up pharmacy cycle, delivery system, assistive systems if needed, linking diagnosis information to medications (through HP), and verifying all information in writing with participant's primary care provider. Also responsible for coordinating medications for disenrolling participants to provide needed medications for a period of twenty-eight (28) days after leaving program.* Participant/Family Communication: Responsible for communication with participant and/or family as needed or required.Back-End Medication Department Operations:* Alternative Medication Delivery Systems: Responsible for filling alternative medication delivery systems (MRB, Med-E-Lert, etc.) in accordance with medication orders and organizational policiesrocedures.* Senior CommUnity Care Coumadin Clinic: Responsible for in-house monitoring of participant INR values, dose adjustment, a