Pfizer Drug Product Work Team Enabler, LSS Packaging 1st in Kalamazoo, Michigan

ROLE SUMMARYWork Team Enabler will perform activities in support of the work team including:Printing and managing of all production related records. Posting and/or verifying material usage in the Material Resource Planning system(s). Managing and tracking the flow of batch records between operations and QO. Conducting reconciliation activities associated with completion of Batch Records. Verifying and accurately tracking the use or destruction of production components and returns of excess components. Tracking production lot on hold process. Initiating purchases for the unit.The ideal candidate will also need to have the ability to support/learn the change parts room.Supporting the manufacturing and/or packaging operation by ensuring that applicable safety guidelinesolicies are followed and that all tasks are conducted in accordance with appropriate processing standards, such as FDA's current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs).Additional Duties and Responsibilities Include:•Functional/Technical Knowledge: Knowledge of basic discipline. Limited knowledge of industry practices and standards. Experience with computer applications such as MS Word, Excel and Outlook.•Problem Solving and Innovation: Identify routine problems and able to develop solutions with guidance following established Pfizer policies and procedures.•Discretion, Latitude, Level of Independence: Follows specific, detailed instructions. Learn work related computer application with minimal guidance.•Impact and Organizational Contribution: Contributes to the completion of routine tasks. Failure to achieve results may have significant impact on departmental objectives.•Teamwork/Influence: Contacts are primarily within immediate work team, supporting unit or within normal process-related work flow.•Time Span of Work: Daily tasks and deliverables. Results can usually be measured on daily or weekly basis.ROLE RESPONSIBILITIESGeneral Characteristics: Everyone a leader..."Find a way to lead." Learning the organizational "ropes". Learn activities and tasks associated with own role. Intro to leadership/values. Alert to how some leader behaviors apply to self and role.Focus on Performance: Consistent delivery of assigned, on-time, as promised, high quality work. Basic company/industry knowledge (purposeroducts/structure). Strong evidence of curiosity and some signs of initiative. Begins developing relationship networks.Inclusive Environment: Welcomes new members. Advocates for inclusion of others. Shares information with teammates/work partners. Works well with people who have different ideas, perspectives and cultural backgrounds. Shows empathy and understands the importance of being sensitive to others' feelings.Open Discussion and Debate:Shows curiosity about, and openness to, other points of view. Has basic awareness of his/her impact. Accepts and uses feedback. Listens actively and clarifies expectations. Demonstrates courtesy and professionalism in interactions with others. Expresses frustrations and concerns in an appropriate manner/avoids sarcasm. Supports decisions even if own opinion doesn't prevail.Manage Change: Reacts helpfully to imposed/unanticipated changes when announced. Asks for assistance if necessary. Contributes to creative conversation (e.g., brainstorming and innovation). Adapts successfully to shifting priorities, modifications to procedures and processes.Develop People: Contributes when team is in feedback "mode". Offers own feedback. Helps to clarify comments of others. Shows evidence of