Interlochen Center for the Arts Director of Comparative Arts in Interlochen, Michigan

Comparative Arts, the most recent major at the Arts Academy, is now seven years old. It was created to respond to the needs of students who wanted to come to Interlochen and have the opportunity to pursue their interest in more than one art form. At the heart of this major is a belief in the fundamental educational importance of interdisciplinary and collaborative work, embodied and led by the Division Director. The Director of Comparative Arts is a nine month administrative and teaching position. The Director reports to the Executive Dean for the Arts, oversees the entire Comparative Arts Program and is a member of the Division Directors meeting group. The major responsibility is creating and implementing the curriculum for the daily three hour afternoon arts block teaching. This involves choosing a particular theme or focus for each year and creating a rich and varied program around that theme. The Director oversees the individual schedule for each student in the major ensuring that each schedule reflects the particular artistic interests of each student and provides opportunities for the pursuit of various art forms at the appropriate levels. Each student works towards the creation of an annual project, which is presented in the final weeks of the year. In addition, all Comparative Arts students work together to create, design and produce one or two performances or ”events” which are built on the interdisciplinary themes of the year and require a highly collaborative working style. These performances have taken very different forms over the years ranging from evening salon style programs to more formal performances that include students from other arts divisions. The guiding principle for these events is collaboration and creativity. One of the great opportunities for students in this major is the wide variety of creative opportunities that exist throughout each year.The Director is responsible for curriculum development, oversight of any teachers involved in collaborative projects created within the Comparative Arts division, the operating budget of the division, and parental communication. The Director works with Marketing Department and the Office of Enrollment Management for the recruitment of students for the Division. Exceedingly strong verbal and written communication skills are required as is a high level of flexibility and creativity. This position is a one-year appointment with the potential to transition into a permanent position.?Qualifications:The Director of the program must have a BA or BFA, with an MA or MFA preferred, in at least one arts area as well as direct experience in at least one other arts area. Teaching experience required with a preference of some work at the high school or college level, and experience devising curriculum and working on significant collaborative projects is important. The Director must be able to work successfully with a wide range of students who have varied arts interests and backgrounds. Extremely important is the Director's ability to engage teachers from all areas in the interdisciplinary and collaborative projects that are the core of the Comparative Arts experience.