Spectrum Health CNA Starter Program Unit Aide Fuller Ave Full Time Days in GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan

Position Summaryspan id="Field_REQ_DESCRIPTION_329" class="wgt-TextWidget PopupAutoCommit wgt-input htmlStyle"Have you been thinking about starting a career in healthcare, but don't know where to begin? Spectrum Health Continuing Care (SHCC) offers a CNA Starter Program - a program designed to give you work experience in healthcare while paying for you to become a CNA! The program begins by starting you in one of our Rehab Nursing Centers as a Unit Aide. This role will provide help to nursing staff and companionship to patients and residents. After 90 days you will be able to be considered for placement in the CNA Starter Program. In this program, SHCC will cover the costs for you to attend CNA training...AND pay you for hours spent in your classes! When you graduate and obtain your CNA certificate we will promote you to a CNA position so you can use your new skills, along with the training you've been getting along the way to make a difference in the lives of our patients residents. While a Unit Aide you will assist in stocking supplies, cleaning equipment, and performing other errands as needed./span Basic Qualifications: Education - High School Diploma or equivalent Experience - Successful completion of competency-based orientation program