City of Flint Electrical Inspector in Flint, Michigan

uGENERAL STATEMENT OF DUTIES:/uInspects electrical installations for compliance with state, city and other applicable codes and regulations; performs related duties as required.u /uuMINIMUM ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS:/uolliGraduation from high school and Four (4) years full-time paid work experience (obtained over a period of 12 years immediately preceding date of application) in general building construction as a licensed contractor, skilled worker or supervisor in charge of construction, or combination of such described experience./li/ol uMINIMUM ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS: /uolliTwo (2) years of full time paid work experience as a licensed journey electrician OR possession State of Michigan Master Electrician License./liliConsiderable and responsible experience in .electrical work on a wide variety of installations./liliConsiderable knowledge of the methods and practices involved in constructing, installing, maintaining and operating a variety of electrical systems, equipment, appliances, and of standard testing devices./liliWorking knowledge of statutes, ordinances and codes required or recommended by local, state, and national authorities. Ability to apply sound inspection methods to the detection of poor workmanship or materials in electrical installations. Ability to maintain cooperative working relationships with electrical contractors and with the general public./liliSkill and proficiency in electrical installations of a journey level./li/olu /uuNECESSARY SPECIAL OUALIFICATIONS/u: ulliPossession of a valid electrical journey license./liliPossession of a State of Michigan Electrical Inspectors and Plan Review Registrations or ability to obtain provisional./liliRegistrations and become registered within three (3) years of provisional registration./liliPossession of a valid Michigan Driver’s License at time of appointment./liliEmployee may be required to provide own transportation./li/ul