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HOME MANAGER WHISPERING PINES HOME SUMMARY: The primary purpose of the Home Manager is to assist the Person Centered Planning Team in the development of individual program plans for each consumer and to ensure that these plans are carried out accordingly. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILTIES: Following and implementing all policies, procedures, guidelines and legal commitments to the consumers as required and established by the Whispering Pines Board of Trustees, DHS, Consumer and Industry and RMHA to ensure current licensing. (This will include any plans of correction requested)Shall be responsible for an active consumer recruitment process to include attendance at all Placement Review Committee (PRC) meetings.Shall be responsible for ensuring that the needs of the consumer are met and that the individualized program plan for each consumer is being carried out as developed by the Person Centered Team.Submitting a monthly home operation report to the Assistant Administrator who shares the report with the Whispering Pines Board of Trustees.Staff management, recruitment, employment, training, supervision and termination of employees, under the supervision of the Assistant Administrator.Ensuring that all shifts are appropriately scheduled and staffed.Attending conferences, seminars and meetings as requested by the Assistant Administrator.Attend team meetings and staff meetings.Maintaining an open line of communication with the Assistant Administrator regarding all home operations.Monitoring food and maintenance expenditures.Immediately notifying the Assistant Administrator of any violations of the state licensing requirements.Meeting with guardians and Supports Coordinator to discuss individual consumer programs and other consumer needs.Arranging transportation for the physical, dental, vision, and hearing care, and other consumer transportation needs.Ensuring that the health, dental and financial affairs of the consumers is handled according to the requirements as set forth by the agencies involved.Ensuring the proper personal hygiene of the consumers and the administration of medication in accordance with the order of the physician.Ensuring that all necessary medical appointments are kept and documented in accordance with Whispering Pines procedures. Ensuring that individual progress notes are maintained for each consumer.The Home Manager shall be responsible for maintaining good working relationships with other agencies and with the community at large.The ability to supervise and manage the overall operations of the homeWilling to accept on-call responsibilities.The Home Manager may designate duties and responsibilities to other competent staff persons, but shall remain totally and finally responsible for implementing all decisions, operating procedures, policies and other directives of the Assistant Administrator. EDUCATION and/or EXPERIENCE: Work experience in the mental health field. JOB REQUIREMENTS: Three written references from responsible persons and be able to substantiate good character and responsibility in previous employment.High School diploma or GEDA current driverrsquo;s license and good driving record.Must be free of felony convictions or misdemeanor convictions related to dishonesty, assault, violence, character, moral turpitude, or child abuse/neglect.PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Have the physical agility, strength, and endurance to lift, transfer and/or assist in lifting, supporting, and transferring of a resident on a prescribed or as needed basis.Have the physical agility to physically interact with residents and to monitor and